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Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation/Swing Bed
Cooper County Memorial Hospital has a Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation program. This is a program of daily skilled nursing or rehabilitation services necessary for your recovery until you are ready to return to your home or another environment. Skilled nursing care is care that can only be performed by or under the supervision of licensed nursing personnel. Skilled rehabilitation consists of services performed by or under the supervision of a professional therapist.

Because Medicare and many insurances help pay for this care, admission to our program is based upon the preset criteria listed below:

  1. That your condition requires daily skilled nursing care or rehabilitative services;
  2. You have been in acute hospital care at least 3 consecutive days (not including the day of discharge) before your transfer into our program;
  3. You are transferred into this program because you require care for a condition that you were treated for in acute care;
  4. You are admitted to this program within 30 days after you leave acute care;
  5. A staff physician certifies that you need and actually receive skilled nursing or skilled rehabilitation services on a daily basis;
  6. That your request for admission is approved.

Insurance Coverage

When your stay is approved, Medicare will pay for all services for a total of 20 days, provided your need for skilled care continues and have not exhausted this benefit. From the 21st to the 100th day, a deductible will apply which many supplemental insurances cover. More detailed information on costs are available through the hospital’s Social Service Department at (660) 882-4152.


A physician on the hospital staff will need to admit you and plan your medical care during your stay. Medicare will only pay for two physician’s visits the first week, and one a week thereafter, unless your condition warrants extra visits.

The services of physical, speech and occupational therapies are available.  The focus is on safety and independence with activities of daily living in order to return home, assessing home accessibility and achieving optimal mobility prior to discharge.

The care management team will review your medical record at least every seven days for certification of your need for continuance of stay.

A team approach by health care professionals will be used to set goals for a planned graduated recovery period. The interdisciplinary team meets every Tuesday at 9:00am on South Wing. You and/or a family member are encouraged to attend.  Our team is committed to establishing the most appropriate plan of care.

The social worker will visit you frequently in order to listen to any concerns or grievances, explain your rights, and discuss community resources that may be available to you after discharge.

Continuity of Care

Our staff is committed to improving the quality of services provided to our patients and their families.  If desired, there is an opportunity to progress from skilled therapy and nursing intervention to Cooper County Memorial Hospital Home Health services.  Home health services allow therapists and nurses to come to the home for continued care.  Most people choose to transition to outpatient therapy and/or wellness program after goals are met with home health intervention.

Contact Information

Patients and families are encouraged to contact Social Services prior to any planned hospitalizations to receive more information and tour our program. If you, unfortunately, experience an unplanned hospitalization, please talk to your Social Worker to determine if you or your family could benefit from our skilled nursing and rehabilitation program. (660) 882-7461

Inpatient Staff




Pictured are:
Dawn Sublette, OT, Inpatient Therapy Manager,

 and Kristin Popa, PT.


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